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If you cannot make it to the gallery in person or if you would like to get a better look before making a decision, a video of a work of art can make all the difference. Our gallery is known for both, variety and depth of inventory. We get access to the newest and finest works by the artists we represent and we offer high-quality secondary market works as well. All works listed here are available for purchase unless sold or sold out (indicated by a red dot).  If you have any questions regarding availability and pricing, please call (760) 346-4243 or fill out this form and let us know which item you are interested in. If you are considering an item from our gallery that is not listed here and would like to see better pictures and/or videos, please let us know and we will add it to the line-up. If you have purchased art from us and you are not getting notifications for the Viewing Room, please let us know and we will fix it. Thank you for your interest!


Pricing & Availability
Conundrum 🔴

by Zivana Gojanovic     


by jd hansen             

Raspberry 🔴

by Maura Segal         

by Zivana Gojanovic     
Rose Rose

by Rimi Yang             

AQUAria I & II

by Claudia Meyer         


by Michael Kalish        


by jd hansen             


by Udo Noeger            

Blue Fall 🔴

by Edward Wilcox         

Kablam 🔴

by Paul Ecke             

Paradise 🔴

by Michael Azgour        

Silver Lining 🔴

by Doug Smith            

Iguazu Falls 🔴

by Paul Ecke            

Almond Milk 🔴

by Maura Segal           

Sat to Fly

by Kimber Berry          

Black Trumpet

by Donald Sultan         


by Lino Tagliapietra